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Senator Max Baucus

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:56 pm
by JeanInMontana
Not many politicians get my admiration. Max Baucus has never wavered throughout his career in Washington D.C. He has never forgotten where he is from and he calls Montana home. He looks out for us and has fought to get bills stopped that would hurt the state and to pass those that would help us. You can see from the committees he chairs and sits on he is really quite powerful, yet he wants people to call him Max.

Senator Max Baucus has dedicated his life to serving the people of Montana. Born and raised in the Big Sky State, Max continually strives to make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

After graduating from Stanford Law School, Max opened a law practice in Missoula in 1971. He then served as both Executive Director and Committee Coordinator for Montana's 1972 Constitutional Convention, which crafted what was considered one of the most farsighted state constitutions in the nation.

In 1973, Max was elected to the Montana State Legislature. He served as a state representative from Missoula until his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974. He was re-elected in 1976. Max was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1978 and has served consecutively ever since.

Senator Baucus currently serves as Chairman of the influential U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Max has used this influential post to help cut taxes, protect Social Security and Medicare, expand health care programs, and open foreign markets to Montana’s high quality products.

* Chairman, Subcommittee on International Trade
* Subcommittee on Long-Term Growth and Debt Reduction
* Subcommittee on Taxation and Oversight

Max is also a senior member of the Joint Committee on Taxation, where he works together to craft legislation that helps businesses grow and prosper in Montana.

In addition to his role on the Finance Committee, Max is a senior member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee – the panel that writes the federal highway program. As the most senior member of the EPW Committee, Max has helped secure more than $1 billion for Montana’s highways since 1998. Those dollars provide for safe and efficient commerce in Montana, and they create thousands of good-paying jobs on Main Streets across the state.

* Subcommittee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Nuclear Safety
* Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water
* Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxins, Risk, and Waste Management

Max is also a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, where he works to boost Montana’s number one industry. As a senior member of the Agriculture Commitee, Max helped write the 2002 farm bill, pass mandatory country-of-origin labeling, and provide disaster assistance to producers suffering from drought.

* Subcommittee on Production and Price Competitiveness
* Chairman of Subcommittee on Marketing, Inspection, and Product Promotion
* Subcommittee on Forestry, Conservation, and Rural Revitalization

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:13 pm
by JeanInMontana
I thought I would add a partial list of what Max has done for the state just this year, so far.

Listed below is a sampling of the latest grant announcements for the State of Montana. For additional grant resources, please click here. :link:


US Department of Housing and Urban Develoment

ROSS-Elderly Award
Public Housing Authority of Butte
Grant- $98,500.00 (01/07)

Continuum of Care (CoC)

God’s Love, Inc.
Grant- $150,470.00 (02/20)

Helena Housing Authority
Grant- $160,944.00 (02/20)

Housing Authority of Billings
Grant- $83,160.00 (02/20)

Human Resources council, District XII
Grant- $90,958.00 (02/20)

Missoula County / Ada’s Place II
Grant- $14,965.00 (02/20)

Missoula County / Ada’s Place Transitional Housing
Grant- $101,001.00 (02/20)

Missoula County / Gateway Center
Grant- $61,579.00 (02/20)

Missoula County / SHARE House
Grant- $196,665.00 (02/20)

Missoula Housing Authority
Grant- $461,040.00 (02/20)

Mountain Home Montana, Inc
Grant- $76,798.00 (02/20)

Northwest Montana Human Resources, Inc
Grant- $71,538.00 (02/20)

Public Housing Authority of Butte/ Shelter Care
Grant- $72,696.00 (02/20)

Sanders County Coalition for Families
Grant- $56,964.00 (02/20)

State of Montana/ MTHMIS Project
Grant- $66,980.00 (02/20)

Supporters of Abuse Free Environments, Inc
Grant- $35,700.00 (02/20)

The Poverello Center Inc.
Grant- $74,934.00 (02/20)

The Samaritan House, Inc
Grant- $63,000.00 (02/20)

City of Missoula
Grant- $561,320.00 (5/8 )

State of Montana
Grant- $4,376,646.00 (5/8 )

State of Montana
Grant- $82,255.00 (5/8 )

State of Montana
Grant-$398,241.00 (5/8 )

Grant-$6,487,883.00 (5/9)

Chippewa Cree
Grant- $1,865,862.00 (5/9)

Fort Bellknap
Grant- $2,463.851.00 (5/9)

Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribes
Grant- $4,197,051.00 (5/9)

Blackfeet Tribe
Grant- $324,159.00 (3/1)

Northern Cheyenne Tribe
Grant- $333,590.00 (3/1)

US Department of Health and Human Services

University of Montana
Grant- $177,480.00 (3/7)

Montana State University (Bozeman)
Grant- $247,625.00 (2/21)

Montana State Dept/ Pub Health and Human Services
Grant- $309,317.00 (3/7)

Montana State University (Bozeman)
Grant- $312,531.00 (3/7)

Montana State University (Bozeman)
Grant- $212,250.00 (3/13)

Missoula City/County Health Department
Grant- $214, 500.00 (4/5)

Montana State Department of PHHS
Grant- $795,137.00 (4/5)

US Department of Education

Montana Office of Public Instruction
Grant- $24,713.00 (3/1)

Parents, Let’s Unite for Kids
Grant-$227,965.00 (5/17)

Upward Bound Program

Chief Dull Knife College
Grant- $250,000.00 (5/11)

Montana State University (Billings)
Grant- $328,398.00 (5/11)

Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Grant- $250,000.00 (5/11)
Grant- $287,881.00 (5/11)
Grant- $250,000.00 (5/11)

Salish Kootenai College
Grant- $361,961.00 (5/11)

University of Montana (Missoula)
Grant- $411,285.00 (5/11)

US Department of Agriculture

Rural Development

National Affordable Housing Network
Grant- $117,935 (3/16)

Laurel Development Corporation
Grant- $90,254.00 (4/3)

Town of Hysham
Grant- $409,000.00 (4/30)

Town of Saco
Grant- $224,000.00 (4/26)

Town of Pinesdale
Grant- $153,270.00 (4/26)

Town of Darby
Grant- $640,790.00 (4/26)

Sheldon Bartel
Grant- $186,756 (5/29)

Gateway Economic Development Corporation
Grant- $186,756.00 (1/30)

National Endowment for the Arts

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks of Bozeman
Grant- $25,000.00 (3/30)

Alberta Bair Theater Corporation
Grant- $10,000.00 (4/11)

Billings Cultural Partners, Inc.
Grant- $10,000.00 (4/11)

Montana State University
Grant- $25,000.00 (4/11)

Art Mobile of Montana
Grant- $10,000.00 (4/11)

Great Falls Symphony Association, Inc.
Grant- $10,000.00 (4/11)

Helena Presents
Grant- $25,000.00 (4/11)

Montana Arts Council
Grant- $609,500.00 (4/11)

Missoula Writing Collaborative
Grant- $25,000.00 (4/11)

Montana Committee for the Humanities
Grant- $15,000.00 (4/11)

Whitefish Theatre Company
Grant- $10,000.00 (4/11)

Tundra Club
Grant- $15,000.00 (4/11)

MCT, Inc.
Grant- $20,000.00 (4/11)

National Department of Energy

Montana State University (Bozeman)
Grant- $75,927.00 (5/18 )

National Endowment for the Humanities

Missoula Committee for the Humanities
Grant- $10,000.00 (5/17)