One of Montana's Miscreant Misfits

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One of Montana's Miscreant Misfits

Postby JeanInMontana » Fri Jun 15, 2007 5:05 pm

This past week put Montana in national news with the escape of two convicts from the State Prison at Deere Lodge. It wasn't so much that two guys stole a truck while on work duty and escaped as who they were.

Well, actually who one is. Kelly A. Frank, 45 due for parole hearing in three months is serving a ten year sentence for felony theft and misdemeanor obstruction. The sentence was the result of a plea bargain deal he took while on trial for solicitation to kidnap, Harry Letterman and his nanny for a five million dollar ransom.

Frank had worked as a painter on Late Night talk show host David Letterman's ranch near Choteau in 2005, and was on supervised release at that time for a stalking conviction.

I think Frank is a good candidate for the Darwin awards. First, his initial crime had a fairly paltry amount of money as ransom. Five million is a drop in the bucket of what Letterman has at his disposal.

Second, he was already supposed to be walking the straight and narrow and decided to screw a guy with lots of money out of some of it in two botched attempts. His price gouging didn't work for him and his big mouth is what got him busted on the kidnapping. Someone overheard him discussing the plot and reported it.

Third,he had three months to go this time until a parole hearing. If he had even a small brain it should have told him to wait and see what the parole board says, and then make a break for it if they turn him down.

Both Frank and his partner William J Willcut,22 were arrested yesterday after being spotted Tuesday bathing in a creek by U. S. Forest Service personnel. I had a Brokeback Mountain flashback at hearing this. This should be the fourth criteria for the Darwin award, WTF were they thinking skinning dipping in an area obviously not off the beaten path.

Then (this gets better) they make a run for it, but don't get shoes and from the article I read Willcut probably only had underwear on. Frank did have his pants on but no shoes. He crossed over an entire mountain (Mission) range, bare foot and got caught because he entered someone's house!! The live video of him on the news clearly showed he could barely walk.

Willcutt was stupid enough to go into a house with the owners in the yard. They of course called law enforcement. He had been denied parole earlier this year.

Both now face charges of felony escape and are under investigation for crimes committed in the area after their escape. One being a stolen car that was found at the trail head in the area where they were found (smart move boys) and the other robbing a store of knives, 38 caliber bullets and food, while the store was open! Again brilliant.
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