I Paid Who for What, When?

Hoaxes, Spam and Phishing scams. The countless ways miscreants try to scam their way into your wallet.

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I Paid Who for What, When?

Postby JeanInMontana » Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:29 pm

I thought I had heard of all the scams there were out there, I consider myself fairly savvy in the scam of things. I am active on a lot of forums including Hoax~Slayer, and other security based forums. I read, I pay attention. Today I had a real awakening. Something I have not seen or considered. Oh and I'm paranoid, that counts for a whole lot when you talk security et al.

What I learned today, never ignore a notice about some purchase you are sure you didn't make! That is hard because spam uses that guise all the time to get you to open an email. But what I now know will keep me from doing that in the future. CastleCops the well known security forum has become victim to another attack of sorts.

Early this year they were Ddosed severely to coincide with their fifth anniversary party. I think from the sound of Robin's recent article they may still be under attack.
The truth is since the DDoS attack against us began, a number of people have been victimized in these exact ways.

What are these ways you ask? I can't begin to tell it any better than Robin does, read it for your own protection here .
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